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IMG_9038Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the Mod Podge photo transfer medium, and after watching a video on it, I jumped at the opportunity! I decided for my first project I’d make my own canvas. I started with one of our wedding photos and my first project quickly went down hill. Determined to get this photo transferring down, I printed a free print from Make it Perfect’s blog. There are a ton of free prints there! You must check it out! Toni, the blog author, had a friend make a ton of prints on her own and wanted to share them online for free! How nice, right? I printed the “we might just be the luckiest people alive” print and got to work for the second time.IMG_8987To transfer something with the Mod Podge medium, you will need to print your image on an ink printer. Make sure to flip your image before printing. The reverse of what is printed will be the final product.IMG_8997Trim your image exactly how you want it transferred. If you leave a white border, the final image will have a white border. Using a brush or sponge, apply the Mod Podge generously to the face of your print. Coat it so you can’t see the image. I worked on wax paper to protect my table. Carefully lift the image and apply face down on to your fabric and smooth out any air bubbles. Wipe away any of the Mod Podge around the edges. It’s not a clear medium. Let dry for 24 hours. I know it’s hard, but don’t touch it! If you live in a damper climate, you may want to give it a little extra time. But I live in Idaho. A dessert. I was good to go at the 24 hour mark.IMG_9004Take a sponge or rag and moisten the entire picture. Let it soak for a few minutes.IMG_9010Once it’s soaked thru, use your finger to start rubbing away the top layer of paper very carefully. It should leave behind the Mod Podge and the ink. This step is where I ruined my wedding picture. (No worries, it was just the print, not the actual picture.) The directions say to use a sponge to remove the paper. I used a dish rag and scrubbed away. Turns out this step is a delicate process and scrubbing results in a picture with a pink wedding dress and looking like I was balding on my wedding day. So carefully remove the top layer! I liked using my fingers the best.IMG_9020Once all the paper was removed, I nailed my new canvas to a piece of plywood and was done! I normally would have used a staple gun, but my gun went into hiding the day I made this. If you want to hang this on the wall, add a sawtooth hanger to the back. My final opinion on the Mod Podge photo transfer medium: It’s pretty cool stuff! But it’s super tricky. I’d recommend trying a few practice projects to get the hang of it before trying something that you really care about. I also found that it distorted my color a bit. I’m not sure if that had to do with my ink or with the transferring medium. I’m going to try a black and white project soon to see how that turns out. I love that you can transfer photos to anything with this stuff, not just fabric! I’ve seen projects with wood, candles, and plastic. It’s a pretty creative product, just make sure you practice a bit. I’m definitely going to be using up the rest of this stuff on more projects! Mod PodgeFollow Plaid Crafts on TwitterLike Plaid Crafts on FacebookFollow Plaid Crafts on Pinterest This post was written as part of a campaign with The Blueprint Social. All opinions are my own.

IMG_8962IMG_8938IMG_8943The adorable Kate from See Kate Sew asked me a little while ago to sew an envelope clutch for hew February Sew-Along. I was thrilled when she asked me! (I mean, it’s See Kate Sew for goodness sakes!) I love the clutch pattern she designed. It’s a great size, fun design, and it was very easy to make!

For my clutch, I made one adjustment. In Kate’s directions, she mentions to pull the lining out a bit to help it not show once complete. Brillant idea, but I wanted my lining to show, so I skipped that part. Once I had the lining in, I carefully trimmed away excess fabric, turned right side out, pulled the lining out a little bit more, and pressed really well. I love the pop of color the turquoise adds to the clutch. For the buttons, I did my button hole and added a button just like her directions say. Then, before I finished hand sewing the lining shut, I added a few extra buttons. I’m a huge fan of adding excess buttons. Proof here and here. I also love using embroidery thread to attach buttons that have a decorative element.

I really enjoyed making this clutch! You must head over to Kate’s blog, download the pattern, and make one yourself!

spice-jars1I love to purchase my spices from the bulk section at my grocery store. Over time, my spice cupboard has been overtaken by small plastic bags of spices. It’s become a complete mess! I made these spice jars from only baby food jars, spray paint, and chalkboard contact paper. My cupboard is clean now and I think I may replace all my normal spice bottles with these! I love their look! They may be too cute to hide away in my cupboard. I made the labels out of chalkboard contact paper because sometimes I need to buy only a small amount of spice for a recipe and now I don’t need to commit a jar to a spice that may not stick around for very long.

spice-jars2To make these spice jars, you will need to get some baby food jars. Don’t have a baby to feed the food to? Buy a bunch of banana baby food and make banana bread! Or buy as many jars as you’ll need, take them to a friend that has a baby. Tell her you’ll supply her with free baby food if she gives you the empty jars back. Win-win!spice-jars3To make, first  remove the label and clean out your jars really well. I find soaking the jars in warm water works great to remove the labels. Then, spray paint your lids. They will need at least a couple coats. I used a gold color. I wanted my spices to look like they are ready for a night on the town.spice-jars4Carefully cut your chalkboard contact paper and attach to the jars. I cut my paper into 1 1/4″ x 7 3/4″ strips. I have more than enough room to write the name of my spice with this size.spice-jars5Fill up your jars and have fun doodling on the paper! I used a chalk marker on mine. It gives a clean look and will only come off when I use a damp cloth.spice-jars6Aren’t these great? You could use these for any kind of small storage: buttons, jewelry, etc. I think I may need to put these on display in my kitchen somewhere! They are too cute to hide away.

lifeGoodness. Life has been all kinds of wonderful, crazy, frustrating, busy, hard, and amazing! The usual, right?! This motherhood thing is truly spectacular. I know it’s a little cliché, but it’s going by so fast! Too fast! I can’t believe it’s already been over six months since we welcomed Maxwell to our family. He is a chubby bundle of personality.  I think my favorite thing in the world is when I go to get him out of his crib in the mornings. He greets me with a gummy smile that knocks me over every single morning. He’s now crawling everywhere and getting into everything! He’s started pulling himself up on things and he hasn’t even cut a tooth! He loves Yo Gabba Gabba’s DJ Lance, sweet potatoes, dogs, my phone, pacifiers, and head-butting me. Yes, he head-butts me about 100 times a day and laughs at it. I’ve so loved getting to know Max.

I think the hardest thing about becoming a mom for me is trying to figure out the self/family/creating juggle. I was talking with Mason the other day after a series of meltdowns of frustration where I felt like I just couldn’t figure the balance out. I want so badly to be a great mom and to be there for Max and any other kids we eventually have, but I don’t want to stop moving forward creatively. After stepping back, looking at what was really going on, I came up with a new motto for myself: I can’t do everything 100%, but I can give one thing at a time 100%. Let me explain. I was having days where I’d time playing with Max while thinking about my next blog post and worrying about the dishes piling up in the sink, only to run to to the dishes and realize I really didn’t have any quality time with my son, and then get frustrated with myself that I hadn’t done a single thing on my planned blog post; it was basically a vicious cycle of unfulfilling emotions. I was getting terrible sleep because my mind was alway racing with thoughts of things I hadn’t done. I’ve completely changed my mind set and now only allow one thing on my mind at a time. When I play with Max, I’m there 100%! I focus on him and take time to look in his eyes, talk and sing to him, and notice the ways he’s growing. I also allow myself time to daydream and work creatively every day and not feel bad (Max is usually crawling over me and head-butting me during this time or taking a nap or playing with Mason). While I’m focused on whatever I’m working on, I make sure I enjoy it and soak in what I’m doing. Life has felt more full now as well. I’ve learned so much from this small change and I could babble on and on about my discoveries. But I’ll save you. For now.

I have so many fun blog goals for the year! I’m planning my first sew-along! By the end of the year I want to have some patterns ready to sell. Soon I want to have free downloadable patterns and printables, and I’m going to do another small trashion collection in the fall(no actual show this year). This little blog of mine is going to have some great content over the next year! BUT, I will not be sacrificing any family time to achieve it. And that feels fabulous to say.

Oh, wow. Thanks for letting me brain dump on you and thanks for reading. Have you ever been thru something like this? What were your solutions or what did you learn? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. All you chocoholics out there need to go get Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy asap. You will thank me later.

P.S.S. All pictures are from Instagram. My user name is @lazykrista.


redskirt1 redskirt2redskirt3One of my goals for the year has been to improve my sewing skills. After I got pregnant, I became really slack on sewing. I’m not entirely sure why. Laziness perhaps. I was working on the 2012 Trashion Show at the time, so from being pregnant to working on a giant fashion show, I was a bit exhausted. While I was sewing a ridiculous amount of garments, making a dress from Starburst wrappers is different than sewing a normal dress. So my normal sewing abilities are in need of some freshening up. I keep seeing Megan Nielsen’s Kelly skirt being made by other bloggers and I’ve adored the look. I thought this would be a fun, easy way to jump back into the swing of sewing again.

I love how this skirt turned out! Something fun about my skirt is that it’s made from leftover fabric from IKEA curtains I recently hemmed. I was channeling my inner Maria von Trapp the day I made this.

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern! I added about three inches to the length of the skirt and an extra button hole. I will definitely be making another skirt from this pattern someday! I also purchased the Banksia top and can’t wait to dive into that one. So far, sewing again has felt wonderful! I haven’t lost as much knowledge as I thought I had. That feels great!