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First of all, thank you all so much for the wonderful and sincere comments on Wednesday’s post!  You guys are lovely. Second of all, it’s not January anymore! On to so much better things than terrible weather and a lack of holidays. Oh my goodness. We’ve been having wretched weather in Boise. It’s the second coldest winter since they’ve started keeping track. No. Fun. And I hear many other places are getting the same thing. Let’s get on to celebrating Valentine’s day and heat things up around here! Oooo lala!

I’ve never been one to go all out decorating boldly for holidays. I own very few decorations for holidays other than Christmas, and even still, I’m lacking there. This year, I’m attempting to build my decoration stash. You can bet my new decorations will be cheap, too. I don’t see a very good reason to spend money on things that will be around less than one month. I started my Valentine’s decorations with a simple heart garland.IMG_8628To make, all I did was cut some heart out of kraft paper card stock, punch holes in them, and string them on twine. I wrapped the end of the twine with tape to make it easier to string the heart on. Between the hearts, I strung on some tubular fabric scraps I had from making my bows. You could also take your fabric scraps, cut them into squares, and use a crafting needle with the twine to thread them on, or use something thinner than twine and use a regular needle. There are a lot of fun ways this garland could be made.IMG_8636When you’re done, hang in on your mantle, or in an entryway, or over a mirror! I love mine over my chalkboard! Have fun decorating for Valentine’s day!IMG_8651And Mason, that chalkboard message if for you, hot stuff.

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