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upcycled thursdays : lace jacket

IMG_9299IMG_9318I bought this little lacy jacket at a thrift a little while ago with the intent to dye it. I posted this picture on Instagram asking for your opinions on color. I LOVED hearing your suggestions! If I had my way, I would have gone with the mint suggestion. And why did I not have my way? Because this blasted jacket is 100% polyester. I wrote this post on how to dye your cotton clothing, but polyester is a whole different story. The first time I dyed something polyester, I used Rit dye. I spent about an hour dyeing it and when I rinsed it out, not a single bit of color stuck! I take that back. The thread in the seams dyed. I figured that I had done something wrong, so I tried to dye it again! Same results. I think I tried dyeing it a total of three times before I gave up. It was may years later that I figured out why it wouldn’t take the dye. That dress is still hanging in my closet in it’s horrible original color. I will conquer it someday.

As you can see, polyester dyeing drives me mad. For one, you can’t use Rit dye or anything similar. You have to use a certain type of dye, and the polyester dyes available in stores are sadly limited. I had just a few color choices, so I decided to take a chance on a green hoping it would turn an on-trend emerald color. I was pleasantly surprised with the way it turned out.

Have you ever had any bad dyeing experiences like my dress story? Oh, please do share!

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Oh pretty! I’ve been thinking about dyeing lace, and it looks like yours turned out great!
One time I tried to dye white capris a pretty coral. They came out more of a pale scarlet, but somehow it also dyed towels, underwear, socks . . . pink.

lazysaturdays says:

I’ve totally dyed other things in the laundry accidentally too! Haha! I’ve learned to wash newly dyed things a few times on their own.

Marie says:

Lovely, and the green is a great color for you-

Juliana says:

I love it! And your hair. Man, you’re looking great!

lazysaturdays says:

Stop it. You’re lovely :)

Natasha says:

I think it might be a good thing you couldn’t go mint…this color is so amazing on you!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Natasha! I’m happy I didn’t do mint as well :)

Tara says:

This color is great! I actually was doing some research on a project in the making and I was looking for a certain color lining for a dress. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and so I was considering dyeing the color I needed. But the lining i was looking at was polyester and the source of my research indicated that because polyester is man made and due to the process it goes through to make it -it is basically resistant to dyes such as Rit. The source actually described dyeing it as similar to dyeing a plastic bag–LOL! That the dye would just roll off of it. So I actually know exactly what you’re talking about–the timing of your post was magnificent :-)

lazysaturdays says:

Excellent! Great minds… right!?

Jannapy says:

Your lace is much improved by the new color, which looks super good with your hair and eyes! I tried 3 times to get the dye out of khaki pants so I could dye them yellow, but that khaki is some stubborn stuff. I ended up with lime green pants instead…and I loved them! :o)

lazysaturdays says:

You are not the first I’ve heard of to have a khaki pants dyeing story! Haha! I’m happy yours turned out great! :)

Charlotte says:

I had a simple long-sleeved cotton shirt that I dyed brown over Christmas Break. The third time I washed it it came out with huuuge stains all over it that looked like grease. I would have thought that it was something in the load of laundry but nothing else had stains on it. Weird.

lazysaturdays says:

Oh that is weird!

Elizabeth says:

I had no idea you had to use different dyes on different fabrics – where do you go shopping for those when you need them?

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