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project sewn // graphic print

graphic-print5Here is my look for the graphic print challenge from Project Sewn! This was my favorite challenge, hands down! My husband and I also had a blast taking the pictures. If I had to sum up how I feel about this challenge in one word, it would be “fun!”graphic-print2For the top, I used the Tyler Shirt sewing pattern from Named Clothing. I can already tell this is going to be a pattern I use over and over. Making this top was hilariously fun! (There’s that word again! Ha!) I planned on making it with even shorter sleeves and with the collar. While sewing, I prepped the collar and before I sewed it on, I tried on the top, and decided I loved it as is. Then I moved on to the sleeves. As I was making it, I left the sleeves longer than I planned on making them, and planned to adjust the length in the final stages. I tried the top on again and decided I had already made them the perfect length!

graphic-print7I know this outfit is crazy, but I love it! It’s FUN!

graphic-print1The skirt was made from the Kelly Skirt from Megan Nielsen. I love this pattern! I added three inches to the length and cut the waistband thickness in half. I love the thick waistband that the pattern starts with, but I’m a bit on the short side, so the band in the skirt I previously made gets bunched up as I move when I wear it. I’ve been really happy with the waistband adjustment and plan to do this again whenever I make it.graphic-print6The fabric for the top is all from JoAnn’s and the fabric from the skirt is from Ikea. graphic-print4To see what the other contestants made, click here.

graphic-print8Also, I’m totally standing inside a pool.

So there you have it! My three looks from Project Sewn! Click to see the Little Black Dress challenge or the Modern Era challenge. The final challenge was to show your signature look. I’ve decided to skip that one. I hadn’t fully meshed out the idea and with all that we have going on with moving again soon, I thought it would be best to move on to other things. BUT! Guess what’s next on my plate? My purse pattern! It’s done. Done!!! I’m just working on the final touches and will be available to you very very soon! Exciting times!

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Erin says:

Can you make me 10 of everything you’re wearing? I LOVE this whole outfit! It’s so, dare I say, *fun* ;)

lazysaturdays says:

Haha! I bet you could make the skirt! It was super easy. I’ll show you the pattern in A FEW WEEKS!!! Yes! :D

Julia Bobbin says:

NAILED IT! I absolutely love this and would have voted for you :) I love your style and your choice of prints. Looks awesome sauce!

lazysaturdays says:

Awww thanks Julia! I loved your look as well! I’m so happy you made it to the final three! It was fun to see all your looks :)

I love it! You are fabulous at mixing patterns! They look great together but will be fun to pair with something else!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Heather! I agree! I’ve been wearing the top with skinny jeans and I can’t wait to figure out what else goes with the skirt!

JJ says:

I would love to wear that outfit for a day! As you said, “FUN!”

lazysaturdays says:

So FUN! Ha! ;)

Anja says:

wow, this looks awesome! You should have won! the bottom part is my favourite!!

lazysaturdays says:

Aww! You’re so sweet Anja! I agree.. I totally should have won! Ha! JK ;) And the skirt is my favorite too!

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