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hand printed tote bags//two ways

HAND-PRINTED-TOTE-BAGSAfter creating the easy breezy tote bag tutorial earlier this week, my brian started spinning with all the possibilities I could do with this easy sewing project. Here’s some hand printed totes I made using stencils from Stencil1, a pencil, and FolkArt multi-surface make a hand printed tote bag, you’ll need fabric for your bag, paints, and depending on how you want to print the bag, you may also need a stencil, sponge brush, and tape or a pencil and ruler. Cut out your fabric for your tote (Check back on this tutorial for the fabric sizes.). Then get to the fun part: printing!photo-(3)To create the floral tote, start by taping your stencil on the fabric. I used a stencil from the Stencil1 collection. They have some great new stencils! I’m thinking of using one of the graphic ones on a wall in my home. photo-(4)Use your sponge brush to apply the paint. To avoid the paint running under the stencil, dab the brush instead of using long strokes. Apply a couple coats to make sure you get every area. Let the paint dry a few minutes before removing the stencil. Let it dry completely and continue on making your tote bag.photoTo make the polka dot bag, all you’ll need is a pencil, paint, and a ruler. Dip the end of your pencil in paint, then using your ruler as a guide, add dots to the fabric. I painted my dots one inch apart. Be careful as you move your ruler around to not smudge the here, just follow the steps from the easy breezy tote bag tutorial to complete your bag. I adore the way these turned out! Wouldn’t these be fun to use in place of Easter baskets?tote bagsThis tutorial was made as part of a campaign by Ed Roth Stencils, and FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint. Stencil and paint were provided but ideas and opinions are entirely my own. Check out the fun from Plaid Crafts here: Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.signature

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Oh I love the blue combined with the floral strap. Awesome!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Becky! That’s my favorite one!

JJ says:

Very cute! Off the subject, but I LOVE your leopard shoes!!! :o)

lazysaturdays says:

Okay, so I know I’m commenting back almost a month later, but better late than never, right? 😉 Thanks for the shoe love! They are from Target about a year ago. xo

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