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pursenowavailableYou Guys!!! My pattern shop is FINALLY open! I know, I know. Took me long enough. But, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, from making the pattern very professional to the ability to instantly download the pattern. And I feel SO good about everything! Thank you to all that have emailed me and encouraged me to get this pattern out there.

You can purchase Jenny’s Purse Pattern right here on my website. You can click on the Shop tab in the upper left corner or you can go straight to the pattern details here. All you need is a PayPal account or credit card (credit card payments will be done through PayPal but you do not need an account) and once payment is received you will instantly get the pattern via email.

And because you guys are amazing, I’m offering 15% off until Friday, February 21st. Just enter the code finally15 at checkout. (Also, winners of the giveaway from a long long time ago have been notified by email. Thanks for all the entries!)

Fun news! I’m already working on pattern number two! And now that I’ve worked out so many of the details, this one should be in the shop sooner than later with many more to follow. Also, getting this shop up was kinda a big deal and a loong process. I’d love to share the story soon with you! Until then, enjoy your Jenny’s Purse patterns!! Yay!

penelopeThe darling Kate from See Kate Sew asked me to try out her new Penelope Peplum pattern and I couldn’t have been more excited! It looked like a darling pattern to try! I’m quickly falling in love with it!

penelope2The pattern is to be used with knit fabrics and it is super versatile. It’s great for both beginners and experienced sewers. For beginners, it’s a great intro pattern to try out sewing knits with. For those more experienced, it’s a great pattern to experiment with! For mine, I added contrasting sleeves and a neck band. There is also an add on pattern that allows you to make this into two different types of dresses. One of the types is a circle skirt. I love me a circle skirt! penelopepeplum3My verdict: go get it! It’s a great pattern. Super versatile. Also, Kate’s patterns are always easy to understand. I find myself scratching my head at sewing instructions at least once a project, but not once did I with the Penelope Peplum. In the instructions, it suggests to use elastic thread for the waistband. Do it. I didn’t for this top and totally regret it. Elastic waistbands for me from here on out! If you haven’t already, you need to go make Penelope Peplum for yourself, or your daughter! I mean, who couldn’t use more peplums in their closet?


I know we’re almost half way through January, but I’d still love to share my 2014 goals with you! I love setting goals of things I’d like to work on. Last year, I set a goal to improve my sewing skills, and I did! I had a blast focusing on a few focused subjects. So this year, I’m doing the same!

1. Open that blasted pattern shop I keep talking about and fill it full of amazing patterns. I mean, seriously, how often over the last year did you hear me talk about my pattern I’m working on? Don’t answer. Ha! I’m going to take a breather (not a break) from blogging, and focus on making purse patterns. I have this dream of having a digital pattern shop full of great, modern purse patterns. There are tons of great clothing pattern shops, but not many purse pattern shops. I think it’s something we’re lacking a little in the sewing community, and I’d like to help fill that gap!

2. Get back into illustration. My first experience with art was drawing. While my friends were at soccer practice in elementary school, I was at drawing lessons. I felt home there and I thrived. While in school for fashion design, I took a fashion illustration class. While I loved learning the perfect way to draw fashion figures, I was constantly told that my faces weren’t right, that they were too “cutesy.” It drove me mad. I tried to perfect them, and failed. I fought the battle between making my professor happy and drawing what I wanted to. I started to loose the love for putting a pen to paper. Once that class was over, I needed a break from drawing, and I have yet to stop that break. Over the past year, I’ve seen many beautiful illustrations on Pinterest, and I’ve felt an pull in my fingers to pick up a pen again. I know I’ve lost a lot, if not all of the skill I once had, but this year, my creative focus for myself is illustration. I want to learn calligraphy, paint flowers, and draw faces and cutesy as I possibly can. I can’t wait!

3. Have fun! This may sound silly, but one of my goals this year is to have more fun with my family. 2013 was full of house stuff. We got our house ready to sell, and I did my best to keep it show-ready with a one year old around. That was crazy. After we sold our house, we stayed with my parents while we waited for our new house to be finished being built. My parents live in a big, non-baby proofed house. Chasing Max around there for two months was hard and exhausting. Then the last part of the year we spent moving into, and setting up our new house. It seemed like last year we were mostly just trying to survive. But now! Now we are settled and live in a baby proofed home (for the first time ever! Can you hear the heavens singing? It’s amazing.). My goal is to fill this year with fun things. Build tents with Max, go to the park, date my husband. I want to shift from surviving to living. 

Welcome 2014! I’m looking forward to a fun year ;) Do you set goals at the new year? What are they? I’d love to hear!

christmas-light-garlandI know I said I was going to take a break from blogging, but I thought I’d give you guys one last little Christmas gift! A free pattern for this little garland. Our home right now consists of lots of white, undecorated walls. As Christmas got closer, I got a little bummed that our home didn’t feel very Christmasy. My sister-in-law made a similar garland with my nephew out of construction paper and I fell in love with it, so I decided to recreate it using felt. I love the results and it only took me an hour one night to make. Since putting it up, my little son keeps looking and pointing at it and saying “Ooooooh.” It makes me feel like the best crafter to ever walk the planet. Click on the link below to download the pattern. The super easy instructions are included with the pattern.   christmas-light-garland2Untitled-1


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! I’m so exctied to be a part of Kelli from True Bias’ Handmade Ornament Exchange this year! I remember seeing all the lovely ornaments made last year and was very honored to be invited to join in on the festive fun.

Every year, Mason and I buy a new ornament that represents the year. This past year has been the year of the house. From selling our first home, to building a new one, to finally getting the keys to our new home, this year has been really house focused. So! I decided to make a cozy little home ornament this year!  I’ve even included a simple pattern so you can make your own!


To make this ornament, download the pattern from the link at the bottom of this post. On the pattern you will find a main house piece, decorative pieces, and a picture guide of the completed house. Cut out two pieces of the main house in your fabric choice and cut out your decorative pieces. Please note that the decorative pieces do not have seam allowances but the main house piece does. I think it’s easier to add seam allowances than take away, and I think some people won’t use the seam allowances if they are using felt or similar fabrics.

Sew on all your decorative pieces to one side of the main house piece. Don’t forget to add ribbon to hang your ornament! Then sew the two main side pieces together with right sides facing leaving a few inches open. Trim seam allowances and clip corners. Turn right side out, stuff the ornament, and hand sew the opening closed. Your cozy home ornament is done.

ornament3I love all the ornaments I’ve received this year! My mailbox has been an exciting place! This year we opted out from the tradtional large tree and got this little guy. Why? Because I have a one and a half year old! Haha! This little tree has been sitting on a table, bringing us Christmas cheer, and I haven’t had to distract little hands from the ornaments. It’s been very nice. Now, you must go check out the other participants in the Handmade ornament exchange!

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P.S. Winners from the Jenny Purse giveaway will be announced soon! Thanks for your patience as I’ve been setting up house. I plan on enjoying the holiday next week, but look for the new shop and the pattern winners right after New Years! And hey, if you haven’t entered, go enter! Free stuff! Yay!